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ERISA 3(38) Fiduciary Manager

Many employer-plan sponsors are beginning to understand the need to seek professional advisors who are willing to assume fiduciary responsibility for the selection, monitoring and management of 401(k) plan investment options.  However, unlike a “co-fiduciary” engagement under ERISA 3(21), the appointment of an Investment Manager under ERISA 3(38) actually transfers responsibility/liability for the prudence of the investment management process to Fiduciary Insight.

Discretionary Investment Management

As Accredited Investment Fiduciaries (AIF), the staff of Fiduciary Insight is able to convert traditional reporting data into actionable advice that conforms with a plan’s investment governance documentation (IPS & ISRP).  But, as a Fiduciary Investment Manager, Fiduciary Insight also converts any discrepancies deemed to warrant an investment change into a discretionary directive for replacement into an appropriate investment alternative. 

Model/Managed Portfolios

In addition, Fiduciary Insight will also create distinct Model Portfolios that can provide direction to plan participants to achieve predetermined investment objectives.  Under this construct, plan participants effectively hand control of their investment allocations to a professional investment manager who will actively recompose and reallocate institutional portfolios - independent of individual direction from plan participants.

Fiduciary Warranty

Finally, the Fi401k Investment Manager service is backed by a fiduciary warranty that is reinsured through Great American Liability, a AA-rated third-party insurance company.  As a result, engaging Fi401k as your plan’s 3(38) Investment Manager represents a comprehensive solution for the discretionary investment management of your company’s 401(k) plan - that also absolves you of fiduciary liability.

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